Thursday, June 1, 2017

Crew Spotlight : Gabi

Today we will be highlighting Gabi Chavez! Gabi is the 2nd scientist on the ship and is a unique staff member on our journey. In 2015, Gabi was a Stanford at Sea student herself; after finishing the program, Gabi knew she had found a passion and started working for SEA. An avid adventurer, always looking for new experiences, Gabi claims the craziest thing she has done is sailing across the Atlantic Ocean with a Polish family after just meeting them online. She is curious, empathetic, and open minded, always a calming presence to have in the lab and a wonderful teacher as well. Gabi reminds us to keep seeking new adventures and to pursue passions.  She's not sure what's up next in her life plan, but will always keep a connection to the ocean. In between voyages at sea, Gabi volunteers for the Western Service Workers Association, reorganizing resources and improving conditions for low-income service workers. Gabi is an inspiration in all she does and is a great presence to have on the ship both as a former Stanford at Sea student and an even-keeled, compassionate member of the crew.

-Lindsay Allison

Here is our quick interview with Gabi!


Hometown: Pacific Grove, CA

Hobbies: Reading, origami, tide pooling, doodling in my notebook

Favorite Book: The Little Prince

Favorite Place to Travel: I haven't been able to go back to visit my family in Venezuela in a few years and really want to go soon.

How long have you been sailing? Two years almost exactly. I sailed for the first time on the last Stanford at Sea.

What draws you to sailing: I have always loved travelling so to find a place where I live and work on the move has been the perfect fit for me.

Worst job on the ship: Cleaning conditioner and hairballs out of the showers. I'd rather be cleaning the heads! (Author note: heads are the ships bathrooms)

What are you looking forward to most on this trip: I really didn't know much about the destinations of this trip but when I learned we were visiting an island with a population of less than 60 people, I was intensely interested. Palmerston just might be the highlight of the trip, but I've never been to Tonga or American Samoa either so I'm excited to see what they hold!

Favorite sea creature (or the one you relate with most): I have love for a lot of creatures. On the small end, I love velella velella, blue siphonophores that are called by-the-wind-sailors. On the big end, I hope to one day see a blue whale. Their tongues weigh as much as an elephant, their hearts are as big as a sedan, calves gain as much as 200 pounds a day, to find myself next to the earth's largest-ever creature would make me feel small in a good way.

It takes somebody of great ability to handle the combined immaturity of Ben and A Watch in the lab, and Gabi definitely has that ability. -Mike Burnett, Stanford@Sea student

Gabi always keeps her cool and rolls with the punches. -Stanford@Sea student

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