Sunday, May 7, 2017

Headed to Sea

The 24 Stanford@SEA students have completed the first half of the Stanford@SEA course and are headed to their travel destination this coming week (Papeete, Tahiti) where they will embark on their voyage aboard the sailing and science ship, Robert Seamans.
The planned cruise track for the voyage goes from Tahiti to Samoa

Our journey thus far has been primarily based at Hopkins Marine Station, where the students have learned South Pacific oceanography, maritime studies, nautical science and conservation courses. We have had a banner group of conservation biologists talk to the the team and five weeks of class meetings that spanned eight hours a day.

The students have been preparing intellectually for the upcoming voyage and have created a sampling plan associated with individual scientific projects. Twenty crates of equipment have been sent toward the ship and we're awaiting word of the equipment's arrival.

Our class students are inquisitive, articulate and spirited, and we as a team are super excited to fly to the South Pacific to begin the Journey in Tahiti.

 Bon voyage, Hopkins Marine Station! Captain Pamela, Drs. Dunbar and Witting are on their way to the ship tomorrow, along with many other staff and we look forward to hearing from the vessel and our students in about a week.

-Professor Barbara A. Block

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