Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Waiting in Rarotonga

We remain in port today, docked in a small and surprisingly unprotected harbor in Rarotonga, one of the Cook Islands, and delayed by the (late) arrival of one of our observers.

The dock in Rarotonga (Natasha)
A google image search of the island shows Rarotonga to be what many would imagine, a tropical paradise full of sun, sand, and surf, but our experience has been somewhat different. Skies have been overcast, with frequent mist and occasional rain. The wind has been howling, and as a consequence, the water, turbid.

"Oh, what a s*** show," in the words of one of our esteemed TAs, as he comes out on deck.

Today will be a down day. Laundry will be done, hopefully, a necessity for some more than others. Papers will be written, and books read. Nothing more exciting to write, yet, and given the weather, hopefully nothing more exciting to write for the rest of the day.

No news is good news today. It means the ship is intact and its lines are holding.


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